New Babylon is the Technology arm of 1111 Empire, Inc. engaged in Financial Education & Upskilling, Real Estate & Luxury Properties, Rare Collectibles & Exquisite Items, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Finance & Automation, Information & Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Insurance & Security, eCommerce & Retail, PR & Advertising, Marketing & Leads Generation, Automotive Manufacturing & Distribution, etc.

New Babylon citizens are peace loving individuals sworn to secrecy living in the midst of the general population but with no incidence of poverty and strives to attain the fullest potential of each citizen through our time tested and proven techniques in financial education and ancient traditions. As discriminative as it may seem, but New Babylon citizenship is not open to everyone of which it is subject to strict criteria and stringent process which then allows full access to its citizens. Though, we warmly welcome visitors to try and learn more about these techniques in financial education and ancient traditions.


New Babylon has been carefully planning the creation of a giga-smart city that would serve as a safe zone for all of its citizens in order to further the advances in science and technology be it in health, physical, mental, virtual, space, etc. New Babylon also features safe havens in several undisclosed locations to sustainably house a strategically select few individuals and their respective families in a case of extreme emergency. When the time comes, only New Babylon citizens will be granted full access to our facilities. Make sure to safe-keep your Ethereum wallets and private keys carrying your encrypted New Babylon Passports and New Babylon (BYN) Tokens which will serve as the native currency. Blockchain is secured, immutable, transparent and decentralized; therefore, if you lose your Ethereum wallet and/or private key, you will lose your access and not even we can help you.


Cryptocurrency is increasingly becoming popular among those who are looking to drum up interest for their properties, both tangible and intangible. The market of cryptocurrency millionaires is still largely untapped wherein more and more luxury properties exchange hands with cryptocurrency as the unit of payment. It has become clear that both buyers and sellers should be aware of the potential that cryptocurrency offers in terms of cost, security, transparency, and immutability. Technology has developed and kept up to make life easier, better, faster, and more convenient. Practices like the way we pay for things have changed. While physical or fiat currencies are still the most predominant means of payments today, digital and cryptocurrencies are catching up fast. Among the cryptocurrencies in circulation today, New Babylon (BYN) which exists as an ERC20 protocol token in the Polygon blockchain network is among the most important because it is secured, immutable, transparent and asset-backed. The underlying assets of BYN are luxury goods, items, properties, and collectibles such as exotic automobiles, fine arts, antiques, wines, jewelry, watches, rare stamps, precious metals, luxury properties, and many more that definitely appreciate in value over time.


Blockchain is the new internet. Any business in this day and age who is not willing to jump into this new technology will soon become obsolete and extinct like the olden giants. New Babylon can help you get set-up and hit the ground running towards decentralization, automation and cryptocurrencies like Fungible Tokens (FT), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Stable Tokens, Basic Tokens, Standard Tokens, Mintable & Burnable Tokens ,etc.


Our FinTech arm has taken an aggressive stance in cooperation with our partners in service to help jumpstart the economy by helping finance the operations of our Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises so that they may continue serving the public with their products and services while providing employment for the workforce despite of the pandemic. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and automation with smart contracts have played a major role in revolutionizing this space while making finance accessible to everyone who is willing to put in the effort.